XG-75P Portable

The Harris XG-75P Portable delivers the high reliability and rugged performance essential for missions operating in extreme conditions. Ideal for organizations wanting just one radio to manage all their migration needs, this flexible solution supports legacy Harris platforms, P25 EDACS®, ProVoice™ and OpenSky®.

The XG-75P features an enlarged speaker, dual microphone, active voice cancellation and AMBE+2TM vocoder to deliver crisp, clear audio despite noisy environments. The portable supports wideband and narrowband channels and has a software-defined architecture, allowing field upgrades to operating modes, including P25 Phase 2 trunking. Designed for ease of use, the XG-75 features a two-position A-B switch on the top of the radio for direct access to 32 talkgroups/channels. Knobs and buttons are ruggedized to protect from impact and are shaped for error-free, gloved-hand operation. Secure communications through a choice of encryption methods, including standard single-key AES, single key DES and Encryption Lite.

Key Features:

  • Multimode solution supporting legacy Harris platforms, P25 EDACS®, ProVoice™, and OpenSky®
  • Software-defined architecture for in-field updates to new capabilities
  • Clear, distortion-free audio despite loud, harsh environments
  • Optional features include IP68 immersion and UL certification for C1D1 HAZLOC use